Real Estate Due Diligence Redefined

Make more confident investment decisions with Taxonics Tax Projections

On-demand real estate tax due diligence for any property, any deal type, anywhere in the United States. 100% tax confidence, guaranteed.

Every Taxonics Tax Projection includes:

  • Jurisdiction insights that clearly explain how, why, and when your property will be assessed and taxed based on your specific deal type.
  • Assessment comparables that illustrate how similar properties with similar deal characteristics have been treated by the taxing jurisdiction.
  • A comprehensive real estate tax forecast that accurately quantifies annual real estate tax expenses through the entire life cycle of your specific deal; developed with proprietary Taxonics technology and reviewed by our tax experts.

Taxonics Tax Projections start at $1,500 per report. Volume pricing available for enterprise packages.

How Taxonics’ Real Estate Tax Due Diligence Fits into Your Deal Cycle

No two deals are alike, so Taxonics’ Tax Projections are designed to slot into each phase of your deal cycle, providing tax confidence every step of the way – just ask our clients.

“We identified an acquisition opportunity in a new market and tax jurisdiction. Taxonics removed any uncertainty surrounding potential tax implications through their comprehensive real estate tax due diligence, despite jurisdictional complexities.”

Jeff Schaeffer
Alterra Property Group

Alterra Property Group

“With Taxonics’ due diligence tools, we were able to clearly define the tax picture for our multi-phase, mixed-use development in the Northeast. Through this detailed analysis, we were able to put our partners minds at ease identifying exactly what the development’s taxes would be during each phase of the build.”

Brandon Segal


“During the recapitalization of our national multi-family real estate portfolio, Taxonics projected the exact tax information we needed to secure financing and close our deal.”

Kieran Breyers