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What locations do you serve?2022-08-22T16:04:07-04:00

We currently provide commercial real estate tax tools and information in the District of Columbia. We are actively scaling our products to serve other markets throughout the United States.

How often are properties reassessed?2022-04-04T10:26:02-04:00

In the District of Columbia, the Office of Tax and Revenue reassesses all real estate annually. With over 3,000 different taxing jurisdictions across the country, reassessment timeframes can vary. For example, neighboring Maryland reassesses on a triennial (3 year) schedule.

When will I receive my assessment?2022-04-04T10:25:45-04:00

Washington, D.C., real estate assessments are typically mailed to property owners on or around March 1st of each calendar year.

Will I receive separate assessments for each property I own?2022-04-04T10:25:26-04:00

Yes, Washington, D.C., will send separate assessments for each property or parcel for which you are the owner.

What factors are taken into account when my property is reassessed?2022-04-04T10:24:17-04:00

If you own a commercial property, most jurisdictions, including Washington, D.C., will utilize some combination of the three (3) primary approaches to real estate valuation. 1) An income approach, which values your property based on the income generated from leasing, less the expense required to operate the property. 2) There is also the cost approach, which determines the value of the land plus the replacement cost (less depreciation) of the structures on the land. 3) The final approach is the sales comparison study. This approach analyzes sales of comparable properties to determine the value of your property. For traditional owner-occupied residential properties like single family homes, condos, and townhomes, the sales comparison approach is fairly standard, while the income approach is most common for commercial and income producing properties.

How does Taxonics get my property’s assessment each year when I register for PROTECT?2022-08-22T16:15:29-04:00

We designed and built Taxonics to collect, store, identify, sort and analyze hundreds of thousands of tax assessment records every year. Through our own technology, data partnerships, and publicly available data, PROTECT accurately locates and tracks your assessment. All you need to do is signup – we’ll handle the rest!

Can I register more than one property with Taxonics PROTECT?2022-08-22T16:17:03-04:00

Yes, you can register as many Washington, D.C., commercial properties as you like with Taxonics PROTECT.

How does Taxonics PROTECT determine if my property is accurately assessed? Where does it get the information needed to make that determination?2022-08-22T17:35:53-04:00

Taxonics PROTECT uses proprietary algorithms and a variety of real estate data sources. Our models are trained to develop an opinion of value based on this data. The valuations are created through the lens of the same assessment methodologies utilized by Washington, D.C.’s Office of Tax and Revenue, allowing us to further pinpoint an accurate prediction which ultimately determines whether a given property is over-, under-, or fairly assessed in a given tax year.

I can’t find my property using the PROTECT search function. What do I do?2022-08-23T16:13:03-04:00

We apologize for any technical difficulties. Please contact [email protected] for assistance.

Taxonics PROTECT says my assessed value warrants an appeal. What do I do now?2022-08-22T17:34:37-04:00

Use our ready-baked tools and applications to file an appeal yourself. We’ll give you all of the resources you need to file the appeal, prepare supporting information, and negotiate with the assessor. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself or still want expert guidance from an advisor, then you can easily engage one of our property tax experts to help guide you through the process. Filing an appeal isn’t as scary as you think it is. And if you’re the property owner filing the appeal, sometimes real estate tax assessors are even more receptive to your arguments because they know the assessment and tax bill hit closer to home.

What happens if I miss the deadline to appeal my property’s tax assessment?2022-08-22T17:40:43-04:00

Unfortunately, your goose is cooked for that particular tax year. But don’t fret, by signing up with Taxonics PROTECT, you’ll never miss an appeal opportunity again. Why? Because that’s our job…Defending your real estate’s bottom line and keeping excessive real estate taxes at bay.

My residence isn’t available using PROTECT search function. Why not?2022-08-23T16:14:26-04:00

At this time, Taxonics PROTECT is only available for commercial properties. However, we’re continually developing new functionality in our applications and always looking for new opportunities to build products that bring value to real estate owners and operators. To stay up to date on product news, please send us a message and let us know what you’re interest is.

Can Taxonics facilitate my tax appeal?2022-04-04T10:22:09-04:00

Yes. Taxonics offers a suite of options including the ability to engage a property tax professional who can resolve your appeal from start to finish.

Will I hear from Taxonics if my reassessment doesn’t require an appeal?2022-08-22T17:42:38-04:00

Yes, every PROTECT customer will receive a detailed report each year, whether an appeal is recommended or not.

I purchased an INFORM Report but accidentally deleted the email containing it. Where can I find it?2022-08-23T16:19:03-04:00

Simply log-in to your account. Your purchased reports can be accessed via the Downloads link in the left-hand navigation bar.

I would like to provide INFORM access to multiple employees at my company. Is an enterprise license available?2022-08-23T16:16:43-04:00

INFORM Reports are currently available a la carte and intended only for the sole use of the individual that purchased report. However, we are currently working on an enterprise option. To stay up to date on product news, join our contact list or follow us on LinkedIn.

Why isn’t my jurisdiction available for INFORM or PROTECT?2022-08-22T17:51:20-04:00

We’re continually adding new jurisdictions to the Taxonics platform. Stay informed when new jurisdictions are added by sending us a message, and let us know which jurisdiction interests you.

How often are INFORM Reports updated?2022-08-23T16:18:10-04:00

Taxonics INFORM Reports are updated each tax year to reflect new or amended jurisdictional information and assessing parameters. In between the annual updated versions, if a jurisdiction makes material changes related to anything we feel would be important for you to know, we’ll provide an updated report to anyone who purchased the original free of charge.

What is the average success rate for property tax appeals?2022-07-28T16:28:31-04:00

We have a 92% success rate reducing assessments when an opportunity has been identified. We reduce those assessments by 12% on average, with some reductions as high as 50% in a single year. As always, your individual results may vary depending on a variety of factors and a successful appeal resulting in tax savings can never be guaranteed.

When will new Taxonics products be available?2022-07-28T16:38:34-04:00

Taxonics exists to bring new products to market that help demystify and decrypt the complex and confusing world of real estate taxes. In 2023, we expect to roll out a robust content application that will allow any Taxonics user to answer almost any question they would need to know regarding real estate taxes. It may not sound sexy, but if you’ve ever needed a quick answer to a real estate tax issue and had to go online to find it, you’ll end up lost in space. To stay up to date on product news, send us a message.

Is Taxonics owned by Cavalry Real Estate Advisors?2022-07-28T16:29:40-04:00

The Taxonics platform was originally developed by the team at Cavalry to assist its advisors in delivering optimal real estate tax outcomes for its clients. We also recognized a historical lack of accessible, centralized, and affordable real estate tax data and services for commercial real estate owners, managers, developers, and investors. To fill that gap, we developed a customer-facing product line using the same infrastructure that powers the software our tax professionals use each day. The result is an easy-to-use platform that provides tools and information to help you understand and reduce your real estate taxes.

How do I unsubscribe from Taxonics’ emails?2022-05-25T13:46:59-04:00

Please email [email protected] to remove your email from our list.

How does Taxonics protect my personal information?2022-07-28T16:39:36-04:00

Please review our Privacy Policy for details on data and information security protocols and procedures.

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